What does Jottpad do?

It makes your life better.

Links, notes, shopping or packing list items, whatever you want to organize into lists Jottpad supports. Need to share those lists with somebody else, no problem supports that too. And will the full featured jottpad.com powering everything your lists are available from any device, anywhere.

Is it another todo list?

Not in the traditional GTD methodology. However, offloading your brain into Jottpad will allow you to focus on more important tasks with the convenience of knowing everything you need to remember is jotted down.

Why do I need an account?

An account is not required to use the iOS app. You can create lists, add items, etc.. without an account. Creating an account unlocks the full power of syncing and sharing.

How do I share a list?

Sharing can be accessed in two ways:

  1. From the list detail view accessed via the -> button on a list row.
  2. From the items view, there is a share icon on the bottom toolbar.

Once in the sharing dialog click the plus icon in the bottom toolbar and enter an email address. If the user already has a jottpad.com account the list will be shared. If the user does not have an account an email will be sent inviting them to create an account and once they do the list will be shared.

Why would I duplicate a list?

You have a backpacking list that is perfect for a 2 − 3 day trip but this weekend the family is going car camping. A lot of the items from the backpacking list are needed on the car camping list but so are a bunch of other bigger, bulkier items. Create a duplicate of the backpacking list called car camping and add the additional items. This way the original backpacking list can be reused over and over and not muddied with car camping specific items.

Why don’t reminders sync?

It’s just me doing all the work. To do reminders syncing properly requires push notifications and I didn’t have the time in version 2.0. It is on the roadmap and will happen.

Why can’t I set a location reminder?

It’s coming. I felt version 2.0 had enough new goodness to release without location reminders. They will be coming in a feature version, I want this as much as you do.

I’m having problems syncing?

Syncing is hard, not an excuse, it’s the reason I built my own syncing engine instead of using iCloud or something similar. Because of this I take full responsibility for your syncing issues and can fix them accordingly instead of just blaming it on Apple.

Most syncing issues are related to slow or poor internet connections. While I can’t fix those issues I am constantly working to make the offline support more robust so when the internet connection comes back online your lists & items will be synced properly.

If slow connections are not the problem it is most likely email/username related. Verify you are using the same email address on both devices you are attempting to sync.

As a last attempt before contacting me go into settings and use the “Resync All Lists” options. This will delete any data that has not been synced at least once with jottpad.com so if your data has never synced, don’t do this.

If all else fails send me an email, jottpad@hoydea.com, and I’ll be happy to help in any way I can.

I keep getting duplicate lists or items?

See above about problems syncing. Almost 100% of the time duplicates are a result of a slow connection or very large (greater than 100 item) lists. I’m constantly working to fix these issues. If you’re experiencing duplicate issues not due to slow connections please send me an email - jottpad@hoydea.com.

How do I add a list or item?

I have failed as a developer. Send me an email and I’ll refund your money.

How do I export my data?

Jottpad currently supports exporting via email, SMS, or copying to the clipboard.

Exporting can be accessed in two ways:

  1. From the list detail view accessed via the -> button on a list row. The box with arrow icon.
  2. From the items view, there is a actions icon on the top toolbar.

I want to manually order my lists or items?

Initially I kept this out on purpose, to simplify and keep people from attempting to shoehorn Jottpad into being a task manager. However, this feature is on the roadmap, but no promises on when it will be added.

How do I quickly check/uncheck all items?

Tap on a list, from the items view tap the action icon in the top right corner and use the check or uncheck all option.

Entering an item by URL?

Paste a URL into the add item field and a lookup will be performed filling in additional data parsed from the web page such as description and title.

Will you add (fancy new feature)?

Possibly, if it’s extremely useful and inline with my goals for Jottpad.

Why is jottpad.com free?

Honestly, I want as many people to use it as possible and I haven’t had time to integrate some sort of payment system. For now the sales of the iOS app support the development and costs of jottpad.com. This could change in the future.

Anything else?

Email me, jottpad@hoydea.com.