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Quick Reliable Syncing

Designed from the ground up around syncing with This provides complete control over the experience and your data.

Offline Support

Always access your data with local storage built-in. When the internet connection is back online any changes will be synced.

Enter an Item by URL

Browsing the web researching a new johnson rod. As you find links enter them into Jottpad and the title and description will be automagically populated.


Don't want to forget the Thanksgiving turkey, set a date & time reminder.

Seamless Sharing

Built to share, the idea for Jottpad came from the need for a simple solution to coordinate weekly shopping with my wife.

Export Options

Send a list via email, iMessage, SMS, or copy to the clipboard for pasting into other document.

Unlimited Length Notes

Want to write a novel to describe an individual item, no problem Jottpad supports as much as you want to enter.


Easily duplicate a list or uncheck all items and start over.